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South African information on weather

The climate in the Cape is similar to that of the south of Spain. A Mediterranean climate with warm dry summers. The exception is the arid semi desert of the Karoo where dry winters and low summer rainfall prevail.
Near the coast, the summer weather temperatures rise from a pleasant low of 15'c to a warm 30'c and occasionally up to 35'c. Inland temperatures are some 3 to 5'c higher. Coastal winters see the mercury drop to a mild 7'c at night and rising to a comfortable 18'c. The weather can be variable and it is wise advice to always carry a warm jacket. Check out the weather

South African information on road conditions

The perfect country to enjoy a holiday tour South Africa, hire a car and travel South Africa. 
Out in the country the roads our wide with little traffic with some intriguing & spectacular mountains passes.  Sit back and enjoy shear driving pleasure and freedom of your holiday car rental.  We drive on the left hand side of the road.  The speed limit varies from 60 km per hour in town to a maximum speed limit of 120 km per hour (75 mph) on the motorways and open national roads.  All occupants must wear seat belts.  Our excellent all weather road systems are well maintained and comply with the international road sign standard.  South African roads are rated as some of the best in the world.

South African information regarding disability information
Most public areas cater for wheel chair access. If you require these facilities, kindly advise us of your special needs at time of enquiring / booking so that we can assure your comfort at all facilities.
South African Currency
South African information on Currency
The South African Rand (sometimes shown as ZAR) is the currency of our country.  See our currency converter.  Notes are available in R10.00, R20.00 ,R50.00,R100.00, R200.00. Coins are R1.00, R2.00, R5.00 and other copper coloured coins covering less than a Rand.  Our Bank ATM machines accept foreign Credit  / Switch cards and this is the most popular travellers method for obtaining cash.  You may find that your daily cash draw may be limited per day.  The modern day computers systems have a habit of letting one down when they are needed the most, we have all heard about being ‘Off-Line’.   It is therefore strongly recommended that you carry a little Sterling or Dollars in cash in case of an emergency and if possible, arrive with some ZA Rand notes and always have some available when travelling in rural areas.  Credit Cards are generally accepted all over South Africa for goods, cash back, & petrol etc
South African information on doctors and health care
South African medical standards are exceptionally high meeting world standards. Facilities are similar as those found in USA and Europe. Private doctors are available in every town. Private as well as Government hospitals will be found in most Towns & Cities across South Africa. It is always recommended that you take out medical travel insurance with your travel agent before departure.  It is becoming more and more popular for some travellers to include a plastic surgery or a dental holiday while in South Africa!  If you are in the medical profession you maybe interested to tour the Chris Barnard heart museum where the worlds first heart transplant was successfully preformed, you can stand amongst life size figures in the original operating theatres.  See the original organs still preserved to this day.  This is a very interesting guided holiday tour
South African information on Health requirements
South Africa is generally malaria free and not a threat and no precautions are necessary.  Only the Kruger Park area is considered a Malaria area.  However, we always recommend you discuss your travel plans with your local Pharmacist or Doctor before departing.  Pregnant Mothers & small children should not enter Malaria areas. 
If you are arriving from a a Yellow Fever area, South African medical authorities require you to have a Yellow Fever inoculation 10 days before entering South Africa.  South Africa does NOT have Yellow Fever.  If wishing to travel from South Africa to such an area you are required to get inoculated 10 days before travel.
South African information on langauges
Believe it or not South Africa has eleven, yes eleven, official languages. English, Afrikaans (Similar to Flemish -Dutch), and nine local African languages. However, English is understood throughout the country, and if you speak Dutch you may be understood by those who speak Afrikaans.

Value Added Tax
Refund Procedure

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VAT - Value Added Tax
As from 1st April 2018 VAT in South African will be increased to 15%, various food items are VAT exempt.  Basically any items that you have purchased in South Africa and that you intent to export, take out of the country, you may claim back the VAT at the airport on departure provided you produce the original VAT invoice from the shop where the goods where purchased.  Items used or consumed in South Africa may not be claimed back - example: car rental, accommodation meals etc.
Please visit the following website of the department of South African Home Affairs to establish if you require a South African visas.  For assistance & / or a live chat please click on the second link

  - Do I require a South African Visa, quick check - South African Home Affairs department

  - If you require personal assistance either write to or have a live chat at - Visa assistance

NB.  As at September 2015 the department of Home Affairs is withdrawing certain visa requirements.  This will make your holiday travel to South Africa so much easier.  Please check with Selftours or click on the link above.
South African information on travel with Minors
MINOR CHILDREN TRAVELLING - South African Information regarding Minors - New Immigration regulations 1st June 2015
The new regulations, effective on 01June’15 , require that all parents arriving, transiting and departing from SA produce an unabridged birth certificate for minor children under 18yrs. Families not in possession of these documents will be refused to travel. In the case where only one parent is travelling with the children, consent in the form of an affidavit from the other parent registered is also required. Alternatively, either a court order granting full parental responsibilities and rights or a death certificate of the other parent must be produced. We are protecting children and trying to prevent Child Trafficking in Africa.
Holiday Shopping South African information is that it is great
The South African shops cater for all your shopping needs, from high quality designer clothing boutiques and fashion accessories to gift and curio shops and virtually everything in between. A pair of shorts can be purchased for about a third of the price in Europe. Large food supermarkets are open long hours 7 days a week as well as convenience stores from 7am to 10pm. These are found in every town and city suburb. Catch up on some "Retail Therapy" and have a bit of a shopping holiday spree during your holiday tour South Africa.
South African information on airlines
Selftours does book and arrange internal domestic airline tickets.  Booking in South Africa often results in cheaper airline fares compared to fares purchased outside of South Africa.
   Selftours will arrange your domestic air tickets to fit in with your ground itinerary.
There are smaller airlines flying domestic routes however, South African Airways covers Africa & the world
We also offer you the service to book & compare all international & domestic flights directly on-line - click for instant assistance
South African electric plugs fittings
South Africa operates on 220-230v AC @ 50Hz current.  SA uses 13 amp round pin plugs.  A suggestion is to bring a Multi plug board from home.  On arrival, have a local round three pin plug fitted on the end and then you can plug all your accessories into the board.   Or buy an international multi plug before leaving home.  Some hotels have facilities for 110v outlets in the bathroom for shavers.
South African information on driving regulations
For details of driving licence requirements in South Africa please visit our South African car hire page where full details can be found.  International driving license may not be required if your license is printed in English.  Remember the responsibility is on the driver to prove his license qualifies him to drive the chosen vehicle.
A self drive holiday tour south africa offers you the maximum freedom of the open roads

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