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Considered as one of the world's widest waterfall
 at 1.6 kilometres or 1 mile wide & 108 m deep
forming the largest sheet of falling water in the world


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Fly in Victoria Falls holiday packages direct from Johannesburg.
Large variety of Victoria Falls Hotels to choose from
. Zambezi river white water rafting with wild life safaris, elephant back rides, sundowner game viewing

Perfect for the long weekend break, or short getaway holidays
"A fantastic little play ground in the middle of Africa"


Travel to Victoria Falls and enjoy a magical holiday getaway. From your Victoria Falls hotel, tours can be arranged for, site seeing the breathtaking Falls, either on foot or by helicopter, wildlife safari either by 4x4 or on the back of an Elephant, relaxing sunset cruises on the Zambezi watching the wild game as they come down to drink, take a taxi over to the Zambian side to see the Eastern Cataract, and souvenir shopping.  For the adventurous adrenaline seekers there is the famous Bungy jump off the bridge or some hectic white water rafting below in the turbulent Zambezi River. A Victoria Falls package holiday has something for everyone

With so much to do Selftours would recommend that you extend your stay longer than the minimum 3 day 2 nights

For the evening, relax in the Casino, or enjoy a Boma dinner with African cultural dancers.

The choice of experiences is your to choose - either a relaxing getaway or an adventurous breakaway holiday
.  A Victoria Falls holiday has something for everyone of ever age group.

Orientate yourself with our Victoria Falls Map below.


Spoil yourself and take a break, enjoy a breakaway Victoria Falls package holiday

Victoria Falls Map located.

Victoria Falls map Zimbabwe

Experience one of the greatest natural wonders
of the world.

Introduction to Victoria Falls holidays

The 3 greatest waterfalls in the world are the
Iguasu Falls
in South America, Victoria Falls in Southern Africa and Niagara Falls in North America

It is impossible to say which is the biggest or greatest as all three have their own personalities.  However, Victoria Falls is accepted as have one of the longest curtains of falling water (in flood) being just over 1.6 kilometres wide. This and other African wildlife attractions draws many visitors from all over the world annually.

SELFTOURS of South Africa offer fly-in tour packages to Victoria Falls as an add-on to your South African tour
or as a separate Victoria Falls tour.

Victoria Falls holiday travel tips below.


Watch a short video on the spectacular
Victoria Falls

Some interesting Victoria Falls Facts

The missionary, David Livingstone, was so awe inspired by the magnificent beauty of the Falls in the heart of Southern Africa that he named it after his queen, Queen Victoria, and stated in his now famous diary entry - "On sights as beautiful as this, Angels in their flight must have gazed".

From the time David Livingstone told the outside world of the Victoria Falls, millions of visitors from every corner of the earth have come to view the greatest natural wonder in Southern Africa.

The Victoria Falls forms the largest single curtain of falling water on earth measuring 1608 metres wide and with an average depth of 100 metres. When the conditions are right, the spray plume is 500 metres high (half a kilometre) and can be seen from as far as 70 kilometres away. The width of the gorge at its narrowest point is 60 metres - so no excuses for not snapping the perfect photograph !

The volume of water that flows over Victoria Falls varies considerably. At its lowest, between late October and early February, as little as 20 000 cubic metres of water a minute may flow into the gorge below. But when the rains are heavy up stream, the flow increases swiftly and dramatically. Between February and September, when the Falls are at their most spectacular, more than 500 000 cubic metres of water a minute cascade over the edge.

Visitors should make sure to tour the falls both during the morning and the afternoon as the sun light and rainbows play with a kaleidoscope of colours at various times of the day.


A Victoria Falls holiday package has so much to offer
A little play ground in the middle of Africa

Victoria Falls Bridge

Victoria Falls White water rafting

David Livingston statue over looking devils cataract

Victoria Falls Wildlife is all around you  - careful where you walk !

Zimbabwe cultural dancing


Victoria Falls Gorge


Victoria Falls from the rain forest

The African name of the Victoria Falls varies from place to place, but the commonly used name of "Mosi oa Tunya" or the "Smoke that thunders" is an appropriate description of the power and enormity of the Falls.

An interesting point to note is that because the catchment area is so far upriver, it takes some months for the water to reach the brink of the Victoria Falls.  This therefore has a great influence on the volume of water at different times of the year when the Falls are low and when they are flowing at full capacity.

Helicopter flights:
No better way of viewing such an enormous waterfall feature than from the air. We do recommend the ‘Flight of Angels’ by helicopter for an unparalleled views of the Victoria Falls and Zambezi National Park. A Victoria Falls must do.  Herds of wild life and Hippos can also be spotted from the vantage of your aerial position. Approx US$100 for roughly 30 minutes

Victoria Falls Flight of the angels helicopter

Victoria Falls - One of the worlds widest water fall 1.6 km or 1 mile wide

Victoria Falls - Rainbow Falls

Viewing Victoria Falls Rain Forest

 Zambezi river white water rafting

White water Rafting below Vic Falls:

Regarded as the world's greatest white water rafting adventures, rafting down the mighty Zambezi is an experience like none other.  Victoria Falls offers the best white water rafting on the planet. Don’t miss The Mother, Stairway to Heaven and Oblivion. Are you up for it?  Guaranteed to give you the ride of your life.

And for a real adrenalin rush Bungy Jump off the Victoria Bridge.  Test the boundaries of your fear and experience the true sense of safe recklessness as you plummet 111 metres towards the Zambezi River.

Bungy Jump off Victoria Falls bridge

Victoria Falls game viewing on a sunset cruise

Sunset Game cruise above Vic Falls:

Zambezi sunset cruises offers you the chance to relax and see various wild game coming down to the rivers edge to drink.  Afternoon sun set cruises where spotting wildlife is the focus on the cruise - a safari from the comfort of a boat?

Viewing Hippos on a Victoria Falls sunset cruise

Elephant back safari - Victoria Falls

Elephant back safari:

Ride and interact with an African Elephant in their natural environment on an Elephant back safari. Lumber past wild game and crash through the African bush on the back of Africa's largest land mammal.
An Elephant Back Safari is an experience that you will never forget. Ride, learn about and interact with these majestic creatures. Meet Lundi, Tatu, Moka and others in their natural surroundings of the game-rich Nakavango Estate just 15 minutes drive from the Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls 4x4 game drives

Boma Chef with a variety of Wild Game meats

Boma dinner at Victoria Falls - Open spit BBQ

Cultural Boma Dinner with cultural dancers:  (not to be missed!)

Partially open to the African skies and sheltered by the indigenous Gusu forest lies the award winning Boma restaurant. This offers a unique African experience that bombards the senses with the tastes, sights, sounds and smells of Africa - coupled with the warmth and hospitality of the local people. Styled in the traditional manner, the thatched Boma has an open fire to enhance the vibrant atmosphere which is clearly evident from the moment you step across the threshold.  Enjoy the entertainment of the African cultural dancers.

Zimbabwe traditional African dancers - dinner entertainment at the Boma

Learn to play the African drum and join in on the fun

Zimbabwe mask dancers - dinner entertainment at the Boma

Zimbabwe cultural dancers at Victoria Falls


Visas: Currently visas can be purchased on arrival if required - Citizens from African countries normally do not require Visas.  Ask us at the time of your enquiry if you require a visa.

Currency: US Dollars & South African Rand are readily accepted as the local currency is of little value.   Carry small denominations as any change you receive will be in Zimbabwe Dollars.

When to go: Victoria Falls are at the fullest between March to September

Time zone: GMT + 2 hours 

Power supply: 220 V; 3 Pin plugs with round pins. 

Health: No immunizations are necessary. Malaria prophylactics are essential. Take insect repellent sprays for your own comfort.  Check within your own country if they require you to have yellow fever of any other vaccinations.  Drink only bottled water or take water purification tablets. Travel insurance is always recommended (medical cover). 

Customs allowance: 500 cigarettes and 1 litre of alcohol. 

What to pack: Comfortable, casual and light clothing. Well-worn walking shoes or sneakers are essential.  Track suites are an excellent item to pack, they do not crease in your bag, can be warm and can also offer some protection from any mosquitoes.  When walk through the rain forest while viewing the falls a certain amount of spray will drip through the vegetation and something to keep you dry might be a good idea.  Take insect repellent and protective wear for the tropical sun and rain. 

Luggage allowance: 20 kg plus 1 item of hand luggage not exceeding 7 kg.

Language: English is generally spoken

Getting there: There are daily flights from Johannesburg South Africa and from a few other surrounding destinations.  Victoria Falls airport is small and therefore does not cater for wide bodied international flights from Europe or America


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