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South African Maps - South African road maps

South African Maps - South African road maps

South African Maps - South African road maps



In your Comprehensive Selftours Tour Package, you are supplied with all your South African road maps for your self drive tour as well as smaller road maps & brochures for each and every accommodation you stay at.

The maps of South Africa below will give you an idea of the size of South Africa.  Please visit our mileage chart to asses the distances between points that you wish to travel.  The maximum speed limit in South Africa is 120 kph so allow one hour per 100 km and you will have time to spare.

are designers of individual holiday tours of South Africa and include a comprehensive tour package containing all your South African Maps.

Let our experienced team of tour coordinators take away the headaches and design, just for you, your memorable holiday of South Africa with your assistance.
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From the Topographic map of Southern Africa it can be seen that the coast regions are fairly mountainous  with many scenic mountain passes, as opposed to the Karoo interior which is flat and which can be very dry and hot. We currently operate our self drive tours and guided coach tours throughout South Africa.

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Reproduction in any format is therefore strictly forbidden without our prior permission.

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Topographic Map of South Africa

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                           Johannesburg - Cape Town 1405 km
                           Johannesburg - Kruger Park 478 km
                           Cape Town - Kruger Park 1888 km
                           Cape Town - Port Elizabeth (Garden Route) 756 km
                           Port Elizabeth - Durban 927 km
                           Durban - Johannesburg 598 km

To convert to miles: divide by 1.6

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South Africa Map - South Africa road Map - South Africa Maps - South African road maps - maps of South Africa - Road maps of South Africa Map

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A guide to some South African holiday package prices