Recovering from Surgery, can be a traumatic time, nature can help you

Surgical recovery, Getting Back to Nature.

What better way to recovery from surgery, hospitalisation or a time of grief, than going back to Nature?  Back to the simplicity of life and away from the rat race of the concrete jungle.  South Africa is a modern & affordable destination, with little or no jet lag from Europe.  Abounding with Scenic beauty, the mountains and never to be forgotten the Africa’s Wildlife and Nature. Garnished with a great deal of peace, tranquility and relaxation, once you have experienced the original world you will not want to leave and will return again and again – that’s why I have to live here.  Whether you prefer a self drive tour driving at your own pace along a pre designed tour itinerary, jumping onto a group bus tour or have your own privately guided coach tour designed just for you – you have landed at the place of plenty to help you recovering from Surgery.

Post Surgery

Speak to Selftours Travel Shop about your holiday dreams & desires and they, with over 17 years of experience, will design your personal recuperation holiday tour plan, just for you!

Recover from Surgery with nature in a Wildlife Reserve

Relaxing with Nature




About Selftours –

Over 17 years worth of designing successful holidays speaks volumes – read more .  South Africa has been spoilt with such immense natural beauty with warm and sunny weather year round.  Just think what you are missing?.

Weather –

The coolest months being June and July, and the hottest in January and February.

What to do –

South African Holidays can offer all the various sports one can imagine with world famous golf courses. The green rolling mountains and waterfalls of the Drakensberg range, with the second highest waterfall in the world.  The impressive Table Mountain rising over 1000m over shadowing Cape Town with hiking trails or for the less energetic, revolving cable cars with impressive breathtaking views from the top.  Never to be forgotten is the vast amount of varying wildlife scattered across  several park around South Africa to be enjoyed and to challenge the photographers.  Selftours have various options to assist the most demanding holiday makers