Departure taxes introduce at most main Madagascar airports for all airline passengers

With immediate effect, the Civil Aviation Authority in Madagascar has introduced a new departure tax.

It is payable by passengers at departure in cash and may not be added to the ticket price at point of sale (either US$ or Malagasy Ariary MGA) at the daily rate in the airport, irrespective of the airline that passengers are travelling with.

The charges are as follows:
Domestic: US$2.50 per passenger
Regional and long-haul: US$14.35 per passenger
Please discuss the latest cost with Selftours before your departure

Exemptions include:
– Passengers in direct transit
– Passengers retaking their flight after a forced landing
– Infants under two years old
– Passengers of State aircraft
– Passengers in medical evacuations
– Cabin crew
– Technical aircraft in mission

Though there have been many complaints within the industry, that this extra cost will further affect travellers wishing to enjoy a Madagascar holiday.  On the flip side, the good news is that Madagascar has not yet reintroduced Visas for foreigners which used to cost in the region of Euro 70 or approx ZA R840 per person

Courtesy of Tourism update, Air Madagascar & Selftours


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