Kruger National Park Safari

Kruger Park Safari by SELFTOURS

Perhaps one of Africa’s greatest attractions is its vast variety of wildlife.  The word “Safari” is synonymous with wildlife and is derived from the Swahili word for “journey” and originally used extensively by colonials in East Africa when embarking on a journey into darkest Africa.

In the early parts of the 1900s Africa was a White Hunter’s paradise, having challenges as to who could bag the animal with the biggest horns or tusks etc.  Now conservationists have fortunately turned it all around and encourage safari fans to shoot only with a camera, but still leaving the challenge of photographing a prize animal, taking their trophy home on film and leaving the animals unharmed to continue with their freedom of roaming the open savannahs of Africa.

There are several famous National Wildlife Parks in Africa, with one of the more famous being the Kruger National Park in South Africa.  Towards the end of the 1800s President Paul Kruger declared the Kruger Park a sanctuary for wildlife.  The Kruger National Park is approximately 360 km long and, in some places up to 100 km wide.  On the western side of the park many of the fences have been intentionally removed to allow the animals to roam freely into the bordering private reserves and graze around the many private game lodges.  The Kruger Park is situated in the northeastern corner of South Africa bordering Mozambique in the east and Zimbabwe in the north.

A Kruger Park Safari is often the highlight of a holiday to South Africa.  All the main roads are tarred with secondary roads being made of gravel.  The South African Parks Board, to avoid travelers getting stuck or marooned, will immediately close any road that has been damaged by floods etc.  It is therefore NOT necessary to hire a 4×4 vehicle to enjoy an exciting Kruger Park Safari. Off road driving through the bush is forbidden.  Speed limits are controlled at 50kph on tarred roads and 40kph on gravel roads.

Getting there – either by coach, self-drive >or fly in from Johannesburg.  The advantage of a self-drive safari allows you the freedom to travel in the park at your leisure, stopping for as long as you wish to study, view and photograph whichever animals you wish to watch and capture on camera.  All camps in and around the Kruger National Park offer guided game drives in specially outfitted open vehicles to allow everyone a great view.  Even if you choose to do a coach or self drive safari it is always recommended to join a few guided safaris as the driver / guides’ commentary is very informative making for a great South African Safari Holiday.

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